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Jessica Yunker - Yunker Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help you feel better.

Jessica Yunker is a licensed acupuncturist who is passionate about helping you feel better.


She is truly excited about acupuncture and its potential to improve your health and your life.

Jessica is dedicated to providing a safe space and a supportive environment for all. 


I am pleased and honored to provide high-quality, attentive, friendly care to those in need of healing.

My practice is dedicated to helping people with physical and mental health concerns. I am especially interested in the ways the body and the mind influence each other. Acupuncture is the perfect tool for addressing both, together.

It is my mission, and my passion, to work closely with my patients to bring about health and wellness.


"Just wanted to tell you, 100 percent improvement today and a decent night's sleep, so what you did yesterday worked!!!!"
- from a patient with facial pain

"You're my hero! I feel so much better.  Thanks for working your magic, (per  usual)! I feel so lucky to have you in my life!"
- from a patient with back pain

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