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Jessica Yunker - Yunker Acupuncture

What Clients
are Saying

Jessica has used acupuncture to help many people.

Jessica can help you, too.

Bipolar and Insomnia
Jessica is the perfect acupuncturist for me. I came to Jessica to treat Bipolar Disorder, and her knowledge of Western medicine allowed  her to be completely respectful of the balance I was looking for between pharmaceutical medicine and Chinese medicine. As my treatment with Jessica has continued, I've found myself less reliant on medication. I now sleep without taking a sleep aid. I feel consistently stable and well, and I have no doubt that that is due to Jessica's work.
Alex, grad student

Infertility... then a healthy baby!
My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 5 years prior to my treatments with Jessica. We believe her acupuncture treatments and prescribed herbal formulas were the key to our subsequent pregnancy and the birth of our daughter Frances. Jessica's treatments were caring, thorough, and supportive.  
Marcia, attorney

Menstrual Pain and Overall Wellness
I was referred to Jessica through a good friend of mine. I had never received such sincere care and thoughtfully prepared treatments like  Jessica's. She spoke to me before each treatment, and created specialized treatments for me that provided exactly what I needed. I wanted to focus on my menstrual cramps. I used to pass out from the pain from my cramps, but when I started getting treated by Jessica, the pain diminished, and I was able to go through my menstrual cycle without the extreme emotional waves. Jessica was also kind and generous in referring me to other medical specialists, and she went out of her way to help me when I needed it most. Jessica heals with a holistic perspective, combining the physical, mental/emotional, and inner state of my condition to prepare the treatment for me. As a result, I am more in tune with my body's needs, and I feel more in balance than I was without acupuncture. I'm truly blessed to have been her patient, and I look forward to more treatments when I return to New York!  
Michelle, world traveler

Upset Stomach and Anxiety
Last fall I began to have an upset stomach and I was emotionally upset. I thought acupuncture might help because I didn't feel western medicine was going to cure me. After doing a search on the internet, I began to read Jessica's bio. Part of her philosophy is to understand how emotions can effect a person's well-being. After being a patient of Jessica's, I feel my life has stabilized emotionally, and physically my health has improved. I look forward to my treatments as a place where I can relax from this chaotic world.
Lindsay, account manager

Martial Arts Injuries
As a martial arts/fitness instructor, I am constantly subjecting my body to rigorous physical training on a daily basis. As a result, my body experiences wear-and-tear on many levels, all of which are treated quickly and with precision whenever I visit Ms. Yunker's office. Ms. Yunker is an exceptionally adept healer who helps keep me in tip-top shape with weekly treatments that not only address my overall health, but specific issues as well (such as sprains, bruises, tension, etc.). She has my highest recommendation!
Rolando Garcia, III (name used with permission)
Chief Instructor
BAD Factory Martial Arts

Chronic Sinusitis, Tension Headaches, and Dental Pain
I have been seeing Jessica for two years, with excellent results. Her treatments have helped me to effectively manage chronic sinus problems and tension headaches. I've also turned to Jessica for more acute problems. Recently Jessica treated me immediately after a Root Canal. The treatment stopped the pain and discomfort in its tracks, and I was able to recover from the Root Canal without any medication. Jessica also has an excellent "bedside manner." She asks questions and, more importantly, she listens. She provides a relaxed, professional and friendly environment that really complements her treatments.
Eric, attorney

Overall Health and Wellness
While I initially sought out acupuncture treatment to address specific problems, I quickly learned that it offers even greater benefits in creating whole body balance and wellness. Since I have gone to see Jessica my mood, energy levels and overall health have improved. She is a caring, thorough and skillful professional.
Mary, financial services

Anxiety and Panic Attacks
I started receiving acupuncture from Jessica to treat my anxiety and panic attacks. Within a few months of treatment, my anxiety had subsided significantly and my overall mental health had improved due to Jessica's specialized treatments as well as her thorough professional investment in my health and well being. I would recommend Jessica very highly as a health care practitioner.
(name withheld), public health services

I came to acupuncture hoping to get relief from constant and debilitating migraine headaches and the harsh medicines that are often used to treat them. After patient listening, thoughtful questions and attention to my body and experience, Jessica devised an herbal and acupuncture treatment that has worked for me and my lifestyle. When I came in embarrassed to admit that I had missed more than a few days of my herbs, she was quick to reassure me and never passed judgement -- she simply encouraged me to find ways to work them into my life. I now have fewer and less severe migraines. I look forward to appointments with Jessica because of her sensitive listening and true desire to help me achieve well being through acupuncture and herbs.
Randa, health services


Sleep, Sugar Craving, and Stress

Ever since I started acupuncture with Jessica I have felt better in every way.  My sleep has improved, my sugar cravings have been reduced, and my stress has become manageable.  I look forward to every session and am never disappointed.  I truly believe that I look, feel, and function better than I have in years thanks to my sessions with Jessica.

Shana, theater director

Depression, Digestion, Sleep, and Salivary Stone
Jessica Yunker is the most dedicated, comprehensive healer I have ever been to. The main health areas Jessica has treated me for include mood, digestion, and sleep conditions. Most recently, Jessica has treated me for a salivary gland stone and infection. Through acupuncture and Chinese herbs my condition has improved and these treatments prevented the need for an invasive surgical procedure and removal of my gland. Through her care, I have come to appreciate and value Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as my primary health system for the treatment of these conditions, as well as the maintenance of my general well-being. Jessica is an extremely thorough and caring health care provider. I recommend TCM and Jessica Yunker to friends and family on a regular basis, and truly believe that being in her care can improve health conditions and quality of life.
Jessica, Masters in Public Health candidate

Sports Injuries and Sinusitis
I first started acupuncture to help heal a sports injury that had still been bothering me after several months of rest. After such a positive experience, I now go to acupuncture for everything from sports injuries, to sinusitis, to just feeling like I need more energy. Jessica is extremely easy to work with and takes great care in treating her patients. Her herbal prescriptions have been particularly helpful as well! I am very grateful to have acupuncture and Jessica in my life!
Ariel, grad student

Neck / Shoulder Pain and Depression
I originally started coming for acupuncture treatment to relieve neck & shoulder tension that regular massages no longer helped. Immediately I noticed improvement. I also use acupuncture to treat my low grade depression. I find it helps lessen the intensity of my symptoms & sometimes helps improve my productivity. I've been treated by two other acupuncturists, and I prefer coming to Jessica because I find her to be very thorough, helpful to solve my ailments, & of course very pleasant to be around.
Catherine, designer

Although it sounds cliche, I can honestly say that the acupuncture & herb treatment that I received from Jessica has changed my life. When I came to her I had been struggling with depression for 2 years, and had already tried seeing a therapist. After just a couple of weeks of once weekly acupuncture and daily herbs I began to feel noticeably better. I describe the experience as feeling like the "clouds" that had always been looming over my head were getting thinner and thinner with each passing week. It's been about four months now and when I think back on the person I was when I started I hardly recognize her (thankfully!). I am so grateful to have been referred to Jessica by one of my friends...I refer others often.

Night Sweats and Menopause
Jessica Yunker is extremely bright, compassionate, dedicated, truthful and a consummate professional in her practice of acupuncture. Last year I was suffering with a severe case of night sweats due to menopause. I read Dr. Christiane Northrup's book, "The Wisdom of Menopause", and she suggested that acupuncture would be a method of treatment. I did not want to take any hormones or other medication so acupuncture appealed to me. Several people in my office who were dealing with different issues raved about Jessica and how she helped them so I contacted her. After several months of treatment I am thrilled to say that my night sweats have greatly reduced. I am able to sleep better and my general outlook has improved because of that. I truly believe it was due to Jessica's course of treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica to others.
Sharon, legal services

Back Pain, Migraines, Plantar Fasciitis, Stress, and Depression
Jessica doesn't represent the stereotype you may have of an acupuncturist with a storefront location - she combines an age old holistic practice with the realities of modern life. I first went to see Jessica for acute back pain and imagine my surprise when she was gradually able to eradicate it by putting some well-placed needles in my body (fyi - if you have back pain, ask for "stroke the dragon" - wow!).  She's treated me for migraines, plantar fasciitis, stress, depression and the aforementioned back pain, all with positive results.  And if you're afraid of needles, she has a great method for distraction during the treatment - you won't even know you've been needled! Jessica is compassionate and has true faith in the benefits of acupuncture - after having suffered her own back injury, she is a walking testimonial that it can change your life (it worked so well it became her life's focus!).  Take advice from this initial skeptic - if you are contemplating acupuncture, make an appointment with Jessica Yunker for a consultation - it will be a great decision!
Sally, events coordinator

Salivary Stone
With few non-invasive, conventional treatment options available, Jessica successfully crafted an integrated alternative approach for an onslaught of medical issues I was working through.  Simultaneously, I was dealing with a facial abscess, significant parotid gland swelling from salivary gland stones, and the emotional trauma from the golf-ball like protrusion growing from my face.  Jessica met me where I was in my learning about health and wellness.  From there, she deftly combined raw and dried herbal teas, a steady hand in acupuncture, and a thought-out holistic approach.  Additionally, she worked in complement to the conventional medical prescriptions and treatments I was receiving.   Jessica was instrumental in helping turn a crisis into restoration, perspective, and wholeness.  Thanks Jess!
Walter T.

Back Pain
I wanted to tell you that I had so much relief last night that if you had asked me my pain level, on a scale of 1 - 10, I would have said, zero! Today's about a 3 but I'll take that over what I've been feeling for the last while any day! I am so grateful for your help. You're amazing!!
Beth, childhood special education

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